Kids Splash Class swimming lessons are taught by Michelle Nixon and Jessie Manley Roth.

Michelle holds a BA from the University of Mississippi and a MBA from Christian Brothers University. She has been teaching swimming lessons for 17 years and is CPR and first aid certified. She enjoys running, swimming and playing golf.

Jessie has a BA in Business from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She works as a business analyst on the Clinical Regulatory Reporting team for TeamHealth, a clinician staffing company. Jessie has been teaching swimming lessons since 1999. She is a Water Safety Instructor and CPR / First Aid certified. She enjoys being a mommy, singing in the Knoxville Choral Society, spending time with family, water sports, and traveling.

Swim lessons are taught at 8852 Aldershot Drive, Germantown, TN (June 11 – 15, 2018). Please see the Classes menu for details on which class your child should take. Please also see our FAQ section for additional details.

You may sign up for swim lessons by emailing kidssplashclass@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing you!


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Tara Stafford

    Can you please send me more information about your swim lessons? I would like to know class times and weeks, also the amount. I would like my 4 yr old to learn to swim. Thank you

  2. Shannon Wright

    My daughter is 3.5y.o. She is notnscarrd of the water and blows bubbles and will put her face in/under also is fine being left without parent.. Inquiring about lessons/prices to teach her to swim please. Thanks!

  3. Heather Farwell

    Do you teach swimming lessons for kids with autism? My son is 11 & will not go into the water without arm floats on & refuses to go under. My oldest & I have tried but I think it’s time I try lessons!! Let me know, thank you!

  4. María P. Cruz

    Could you send me more information about your classes, times, days a week and the amount. My daugther is 16 months old and I would like to know if you have some baby-parent program.

    Thank you

  5. laura cruz

    Hello! i need please dates and times for swim class for my 5 years old son he is level 2
    please thanks!!

    1. Kids Splash Class Post author

      Hi Tiffany! It depends on your child’s ability. If s/he does not have any experience in the water, we’d recommend Mommy & Me. If s/he does have experience, level 1 may be appropriate. Please let us know which one you would work for you!

  6. Kim O'Bar

    My little one turns 1 July 8. Would we. E able to do the mommy and me class in June or will we need to wait until July?

  7. Kimberly Lindsey

    I would like for my son and I to attend mommy and me please. Or let me know when another session comes available

  8. Angela Sims

    Hi! I would like pricing information. I am highly interested. I have a 2 year old. We both are very excited to start! Hope to see you soon.


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