Mommy & Me

for ages 1 – 3
Mommy & Me classes are designed to teach the parent and child about water safety. You and your child will participate in the class.

Mommy & Me

Class Description

In Mommy & Me class, you will attend class with your child so that you can learn about different ways to safely introduce your child to the water. You will learn several positions to hold your child in that encourage bubble blowing, feet kicking, and back floating. Your child will also practice the “monkey walk” (a crawl along the wall that helps them get out of the pool), getting out of the pool on their own, and safely entering and exiting the water. You can use the skills you learn with your child as you are in the water playing with them and before they learn to swim on their own.
This class covers:
  • how to get in the water safely
  • how to get out of the water safely
  • how to support your child in the water safely and effectively
  • blowing bubbles
  • kicking feet
  • ice cream scoop arms 
  • monkey crawl
  • jumping in
  • floating on back

Please note that this class is not just for moms! We have fun with dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, too! 

Disclaimer: this is not an infant rescue class.