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No More Floaties

Swimming is one of the most popular forms of physical activity. It is a low-impact exercise that offers many health benefits, including increased cardiovascular health, improved muscle strength, and stress relief. However, many kids feel anxious about taking swimming lessons for the first time. They worry about feeling embarrassed, not knowing how to swim, and not knowing what to expect.

Our new book, “No More Floaties!” addresses these concerns as we witness Finn taking swimming lessons for the first time. Finn’s best friend is hosting a pool party, but Finn is nervous because he doesn’t know how to swim. Join Finn as he takes swimming lessons, where he learns to be safe in the water, move his arms, kick his feet, blow bubbles, and put his face in the water! Finn bravely overcomes his fears as he gains confidence by trying new things in his swimming lesson class.

Written by experienced swim instructors, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Jessie, this book allows readers to understand what to expect when taking lessons for the first time so that they will feel more confident and comfortable in the water.

So why not take the plunge and give swimming a try? With “No More Floaties!” as your guide, you’ll be swimming in no time!

You can purchase our book on Amazon by searching for “No More Floaties” or by clicking here. Thank you for supporting us!

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